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Dr. Beulah

Global Entrepreneur, Educationalist & Business Woman

As an award winning entrepreneur and educational expert, and having travelled to multiple countries to share her expertise Dr. van der Westhuizen has been recognised as a world leader in both education and business.  

She has shared her insights around her passion for adults and children who struggle with every day learning with celebrities such as Dr. Phil and Vanilla Ice.

She reaches out to thousands of people through multiple media platforms and has her own radio talk show. 

In the Media


Dr. Phil agrees with Dr. Beulah about human potential.

After having met Dr Phil for the first time in 2018, Dr. Beulah got to interview him a year later to discuss insights on how to unlock our full human potential.  


The Award at the European Autism Congress

Dr. Beulah received an award for her contribution to the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically with regards to the development of the iMAP and iDevelop products. 

With special recognition for a phenomenal presentation.


SA Property Investors Network

Dr. Beulah received a nomination as a finalist for the Investor of the Year Award in the category "Innovative." 

This nomination was based on leveraging an impressive property portfolio for the benefit of creating a national group of schools in South Africa to provide much needed neuro-developmental remedial solutions for children in need of remedial education. 

Radio Subject Specialist

Dr. Beulah had a monthly radio slot where she has been providing valuable information on educational neuroscience, education in general and specialised topics to listeners for many years. 


Interview with Vanilla Ice

During an interview, Vanilla Ice spoke about the fact that he is both ADD and OCD and how he manages his environment around these conditions. Dr. Beulah designed TheraEd, a bespoke educational approach providing educational spaces that caters for individuals with these conditions. 


Mega Success - Los Angeles

Whilst attending a Global Business seminar, Dr. Beulah spoke in front of over 2000 people from 87 different countries. She shared insights on neuro-development and human potential. 


KykNet Channel 144

An interview about the importance of personalised education in addressing the needs of children on the Autism Spectrum as it is being implemented in EduExcellence. Dr. Beulah founded EduExcellence in 2007.


As a serial entrepreneur and property investor, Dr. Beulah has been rubbing shoulders with the likes of JT Foxx and Hugh Hilton.  

Business & Property investment

JT Foxx & Hugh Hilton


Global Health Impact Award

Every year iLab selects a health care professional making an important impact in the field.  Roger Hamilton, the genius mastermind behind this program is known for his creative entrepreneurship and social consciousness. 

The following statement was released when Dr. Beulah was announced as the winner in 2020. 

"At iLab, we want to shine a light on not just health entrepreneurs with a promising business that can change the world, but which also provides positive values with a social impact.

Thanks to Dr Beulah's experience as a Psychologist, her passion for raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and as an advocate of neuro-development we believe her business can do just that"  

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