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Areas of Expertise

EduExcellence Private Personal Education

A bespoke school schooling system that she envisioned for many years before she finally founded EduExcellence in 2006. As a private school setup, EduExcellence specialises in personalised education for children in need of remedial and special education, by means of both physical campuses nationally as well as a unique online system for remote schooling.

TheraEd & TheraEd Academy

Creating a therapeutic educational experience for children within a school setup. Teachers are trained at The TheraEd Academy to become co-therapists within schools. This approach is based in neuro-development to assist teachers to understand the symptoms they observe and to address academic difficulties professionally. 

The Assessment Center

An international hub of assessors for neuro-developmental assessments. Ideal for individuals on the Autism Spectrum, learning difficulties, global developmental delay, sensory integration issues, ADD,  hyperactivity and any related issues. Our approach is based in neuro-development and an individual iMap™ is created to plot the current developmental profile.   

The Development Center

An international centres of facilitators for neuro-developmental activities. After a comprehensive assessment at The Assessment Centre, recommendations are followed up at The Development Centre to roll out on the iDevelop Program ™ specifically designed for the individual. The program design includes weekly sessions with the facilitators to ensure optimal performance. 

Be[in]Formed Parents, Teachers, Professionals

A professional online tool to gather data, interpret results and produce a comprehensive report to educate and assist parents, direct teachers and support professionals in designing therapeutic interventions. 


Dr. Beulah's online training courses to equip professionals, parents and teachers. Short and long courses are available, as well as registered courses to facilitate CPD points for professionals. 

My Approach


International authority in neuro-development with specialisation in individuals on the Autism Spectrum, learning difficulties, global developmental delay, ADD, hyperactivity and associated conditions

Serial Entrepreneur

Property Investor

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